Basic features

GPS resenje energizer2

  • Insight into the exact position and status of all vehicles from the fleet in every moment
  • Speed of the vehicle in every moment in real time
  • Driving and parking duration
  • Distance traveled (km)
  • Maximum speed (km/h)
  • Average speed (km/h)
  • Supervision of the vehicles at precisely defined routes/paths
  • Displaying and creating routes, markers and regions
  • Check if your vehicles have visited certain places using “Geofence” instrument
  • Track the units or drivers who are going along the route with the specified control points and a predefined schedule using"Routes" instrument
  • Calculating the mileage per vehicle, group of vehicles at any time and for any period
  • Insight into the exact movement of vehicles in some period of time with an option to display the simulation of movement
  • The possibility of defining the region of your choice, and reports related to the region
  • Review of every status through the reports
  • Time of starting and turning off the ignition switch of the vehicle
  • Creating different levels of access and authorisation
  • Creating different groups of vehicles, drivers and users
  • Create, process, systematize and analyze any information from Wialon Hosting via special reports based on the editable templates. Each report can contain any number of tables and charts specified by the user and display the information over the set period of time
  • Set up the system so that it executes certain sequences of operations or jobs automatically
  • Defining reports for periods during and off the working hours
  • Export of data into xls, doc and pdf format
  • Privileged access to the application by the levels of access
  • Use a simplified Lite interface, containing only the most popular and commonly used Hosting features
  • Use different maps (e.g. OpenStreetMap, Yandex Maps, Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps)
  • Use almost any GPS devices and connect any trackers or additional sensors
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