Advanced features

  • Standard telemetry
  • Fuel consumption metering (CAN, Fuel Probe, Flow Meter)
  • Temperature and engine RPM
  • Temperature control in the vehicles with cold storage equipment and different sorts of cold storage warehouses
  • Sensors for opening various types of doors, hydraulic ramps, etc
  • RFID (Mifare, HID, Emarine)
  • Axle load
  • Accelerometer
  • Cargo area
  • Light signalisation
  • Seat belt
  • Driving style
  • Camera
  • Navigation
  • Communication with driver
  • Trailer tracking
  • Connection with taximeter and detection of free/busy status
  • Setting up a “panic” buttons and different types of alarms
  • Setting up in systems with no permanent source of energy (vessels, generators, tanks...)
  • Possibility of connecting and incorporating of additional sensors on the vehicle/object if the signal is digitized
  • Monitoring and calculation of working hours of special working machines
  • Receive notifications by email, SMS, or in a popup window if a certain situation occurs (e.g. a unit goes over a speed limit, an alarm button is pressed, there’re changes in sensor values or a connection loss, or if a unit is idle or arrives at a control point.)
  • The ability to automatically send defined reports (daily, weekly, monthly...) to the e-mail address
  • Customizing the application to the users’ requirements

(Some features can not be implemented on some vehicles. Additional options depend on your needs, and you can even implement some options that are not listed in this list and for them it should be determined if they can be implemented in accordance with the technical possibilities).



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