Vehicle Tracking Solution

Our Solution is one of the most dominant vehicle tracking systems in the world with over 650.000 units in tracking system. The system provides the best solutions for companies and individuals. The system provides customers with: following vehicles in real time, controlling the working status of a motor, higher level of security of passengers and vehicles, warning in case of illegal pushing or lifting vehicles, analysis of many reports regarding to history of vehicles’ movement, etc.

The Solution is widely used for goods and people transportation, taxi companies, rent-a-car companies, construction and shipping companies, farms, insurance and oil companies, rail transport, leasing, tracking vehicles, boats and people. Maps and software packages are updated regularly.

Functional Scheme of Our System


Vehicle tracking solution represents the remote vehicle tracking system and is used for several different services as GPS / GLONASS (Global Positioning System / Global Navigation Satellite System) for locating the position, GPRS for data transmission, Internet and local PC network, for visual display via Web or Desktop applications.


The vehicle is fitted with the vehicle tracking solution, which integral part GPS / GLONASS / GSM - GPRS module, with the exact vehicle location function, collects all data and transmits them to a provider. In addition to the basic parameters as speed, direction of movement and the exact location, vehicle tracking solution is able to transmit several different statuses which can detect battery voltage level, opening/closing doors and trunk, panic key activation and special applications defined by customer. Collected data is transmitted to provider’s dispatch center to be processed.

The users of vehicle tracking solution system can track their vehicles in real time, check traffic of each vehicle separately, and check reports on mileage, rest periods, speeding, etc. by using the web application. It can be used for any period of time they chose for all vehicles, group of vehicles or for each vehicle separately. That way user can easily and quickly collect data related to all vehicles.

Diffrent modules and their integration with existing satellite vehicle tracking system, provides customers with a complete service which includes route planning, tracking vehicles, elaboration of various types of reports and other kinds of software.

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