Calculating savings – examples

Example for calculating savings on fuel consumption


  • Vehicle runs 5000 km per month
  • Price of fuel 1,3 EUR/L
  • Vehicle consumes  9L /100km
  • Monthly cost for above mentioned inputs per vehicle is approx. 585 EUR


Savings: Performed research based on previous experience of our clients indicates that, by using our system, fuel consumption has been reduced by 27%. Even if the savings are only 10% (58 EUR) on fuel consumption investment in GPS tracking is entirely justified even without additional benefits of higher efficiency, logistics etc.

Example for calculating savings based on effective working hours


  • Employees gross wages 1.600 EUR (1.000 EUR net) and with 160 working hours / month
  • One working hour costs cca 10 EUR
  • Total expenses for vehicle usage of only 1/2 hour per day for the private purposes, even not including efficiency, output and fuel consumption, costs your company 5 EUR per day

 nadzor vozila

Savings: Usage of our solution costs a company many times less. In case vehicle tracking system increases employee's efficiency only by half an hour a day, as per above mentioned, company justifies system implementation and achieves additional savings.

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