benefiti sistema za satelitsko pracenje vozilaFrom the experience of our customers it has become clear that benefits realized with implementation of remote vehicle tracking system are numerous. Also, it has been determined that investment in such a system makes faster ROI as the number of vehicles grow, which is understandable since in these cases possibilities for misuse of company's vehicle increase.

Fastest cost savings are shown through fuel consumption due to drastic mileage reduction. Average costs for fuel by vehicle get reduced by 20-40% and in some systems even by 50%. Direct consequence of the reduced mileage is lower costs for vehicle maintenance which in every fleet are not negligible. If you also add employee's unjustified daily wages on top of these cost, we get significant total savings.

Besides, vehicle tracking system allows instant oversight about vehicle current position as well as planning on time and organization of vehicle routes. The system provides easy access and overview in vehicle utilization, where one can find precise statistic about number of hours the vehicle was operating for any period of time. In line with the previous said, safety of driver/vehicle is set to a higher level.

Benefits and savings
Calculating savings – example demonstration

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